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Listen to Imany’s new single “Wonderful Life” (Stream Jockey Rework)

On a high tempo, Imany revisits the hit Wonderful Life signed by the Englishman Black in 1987. This re-reading makes us discover the loneliness evoked by the text, while injecting the song with a positive energy that calls for a communion that we badly need today.

A more acoustic version of this track will appear on Voodoo Cello, Imany’s new album out September 3, 2021.


For the past ten years, Imany’s deep voice has been seducing the French public to the rhythm of compositions nourished by her Soul, Folk and Blues inspirations.

After the triumph of her first two albums (Double Platinum and Platinum),

the soundtrack of the film Sous Les Jupes des filles and the two singles Don’t Be So Shy (Diamond) and You Will Never Know (Gold), Imany has had a string of successes around the world. After a break due to long international tours and the birth of a second child, Imany is back!



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